About Us

We are a locally owned corporate finance consulting company. Since 2018, we have been helping many local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) secure short-term business financing from financial institutions and other legal business loans lenders. Our funding solutions allow these companies to meet their short-term cash flow needs fast and with flexible terms and structure.


Business Line of Credit

The Business Line of Credit works like a credit card for your business, giving you access to a pool of funds that you can withdraw when needed, up to a cap, over a short period of time. Interest will only be charged on the withdrawn sum. This is great for those who need quick access to funds, and ideal for fulfilling short-term financing needs.


Working Capital Loan

The Working Capital Loan is a short-term loan provided to finance a business’s day-to-day operations, it can be used on marketing or research and development costs, and on short-term capital expenses such as salaries, rent, and debt payments. This is typically used by companies who have high seasonal revenues that need support and funding during times of decreased activity and revenue.


Bridging Loan

A Bridging Loan, as the name implies, is used to bridge a financial gap and help a company weather through a financial challenge with immediate cash flow, while waiting for new funds to come in. It is typically used to purchase a new property, fund restoration or renovation works, or secure business opportunities, such as pre-paying for event spaces, that in turn generates revenue for the company.


Expansion Financing

Expansion Financing is money used to help a business grow and expand in a number of ways. It can be used for internal and external development, such as new product launches, and mergers and acquisitions. It benefits businesses that have the opportunity to develop and expand but lack the financial resources to do so, providing them funds while retaining enough money for daily operations.


Payroll Loan

Payroll loans are short-term loans that assist a company in meeting payroll needs, such as when there is a sudden influx of new hires, during year-end bonuses, or when a business requires immediate funds for extra workers hired for larger projects and events. This allows the company to redirect its available funds into other activities, such as day-to-day business expenses, or expansion projects.


Trade Financing

Trade Financing provides funding assistance to customers who need funds to purchase goods or commodities from local or overseas suppliers. At NanHang, we help SME businesses to receive the support they need for trade transactions with flexible terms catered to their needs and a smooth procurement process.

Why Choose Us?

Grow Your Business With Our Quick and Flexible Loan Options Designed

To Support Your Company

Fast Approval

Our quick approval process makes it stress-free and simple for you to obtain immediate financial assistance to meet pressing business needs.

No Industry Restrictions

We offer financial support for you to meet your business operating expenses regardless of the industry in which you operate.

No Amount Limits

Easily cover your business expenses and scale your business to greater heights with us as we offer no limits to the loan amount.

Flexible Terms and Conditions

To provide you with a comfortable and secure loan, terms and conditions can be adjusted based on your business situations and financial needs.

Secured or Unsecured Available

We offer financial support for you to meet your business operation expenses even if you or your company do not have any assets to secure the loan.

Flexible Structure Tailored To Your Needs

Get the immediate financial assistance that your business requires with our flexible loan arrangement, tailored to your company’s specific needs.


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